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VRLA batteries

About us

All you need to know about Strabat Ltd. and SBat batteries

Who are we?

Strabat Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, importer and a wholesale dealer of VRLA batteries.

The products we offer under the SBat trademark, owned by Strabat Ltd., are distributed in the countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Company maintains a constant availability of all items offered in its own warehouses located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We have a team of professional consultants ready to offer high quality technical solutions for individual projects with specific requirements.

SBat batteries

SBat products are manufactured by Leoch Battery corp. and Shenzhen Center Power - Two of the most reputable companies for VRLA batteries in China.

To ensure the needs of its customers the company Strabat Ltd. keeps in stock mainly 12-volt VRLA AGM batteries ranging from 1.3Ah to 200Ah.

The company also offers all other models of the series AGM and GEL, Deep Cycle and Front Terminal batteries for project transactions.

SBat batteries possess all required certificates of conformity with the International Standards

Our advantages

# Reliability of the offered products

SBat batteries are produced by two of the largest and most reputable enterprises for VRLA batteries in China. Their products are used by world famous companies for UPS, and security equipment, photovoltaic and communication facilities.

# Professional business servicing

The company team lends timely and professional assistance on commercial and technical issues, supports project deals with finding best solutions fitting to the specific requirements of technical tasks.

# Attractive commercial proposal

Strabat Ltd. gives you offer with optimal ratio between price and quality of the product.

# Quick delivery time

The company maintains a constant availability of its stocks in Bulgaria in order to respond within 24 hours to requests from its partners.