Source of power
for your business

VRLA Batteries


SBat batteries are reliable source of spare power supply widely used in the following fields:

Computer power
supply units

UPS systems for desktop computers and servers

Security systems

Electronic burglary protective devices and fire alarms

Control systems

Controllers and technical automation devices


Photovoltaic equipment, solar systems and wind turbines


Emergency supply for lifts and escalators

Transport equipment

Backup power for marine and railway equipment , caravans

Medical equipment

Power supply for emergency centers and hospitals

Communication infrastructure

Telephone systems and broadcasting antennas

A detailed list of the applications of our batteries can be found at Products page

About us

The most important facts you need to know about Strabat Ltd. and SBat batteries

Who are we?

Strabat Ltd. is bulgarian company, importer and a wholesale dealer of VRLA batteries.

All products we offer under the SBat trademark, owned by Strabat Ltd., are distributed in the countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. The Company maintains a constant availability of all items offered in its two own warehouses located in Sofia.

SBat batteries possess all required certificates of conformity with the International Standards